Splash Dyed Rainbow Couch is an Instagram Star @ MTV

MTV rainbow couch

MTV just posted a pic of their “fave couch” with Sebastian Mikael. Great to be able to see the couch in its new home hosting some famous bums! Check it out here

The Origins of the Couch: I whipped up this one of a kind graffiti inspired couch a few years ago for the shop. One summer day I brought it out and and splash dyed it rainbow on the front lawn. My neighbors all came out, probably wondering what I was doing, but it ended up being a big event for the block. Everybody had a hand in painting couchy a little bit and the grass ended up being rainbow as well.

I’d love to make another one of these so if you have a hankering for a rainbow couch, drop me a line. It’d be fun to do some furniture from other eras. how cool would a rainbow splash dyed mid century daybed be?

Mid Century Splash Dyed rainbow daybed


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