Alternative Apparel Decorated Prints Contest

Alternative Decorated Prints Contest

Just found out this morning that I won Alternative Apparel‘s Decorated Prints Contest with one of my designs! Thanks for choosing my Bon Appetit design! I absolutely love their garments and if you’ve ever fallen in love with the super-softness of a shirt from my shop… it’s definitely from Alternative Apparel. They always have edgy and flattering silhouettes and are always made with amazing materials. They make it easy to have a shop full of fashion forward clothing!

Oh yeah, and the prize is an iPad mini! I made a protective drawstring sleeve for it from some scraps of Alternative’s fleece. Shots of the unboxing below

Alternative Apparel Decorated Prints Contest Unboxing Ipad mini unboxing Ipad mini unboxing Alternative Contest unboxing
Bon Appetit Sweatshirt

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