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New and Improved Packaging/Branding

New and improved branding and packaging materials for Etsy. You’ll get one in every order. I don’t know about you but I don’t think there’s anything more exciting than waiting for a box of new stickers to arrive! Thanks to the hubby for putting up with my design requests. I think they came out pretty […]

Sneak Preview – Wool Felt Printed Wall Banners

While out shopping for wall art I had an idea… why haven’t I tried making my own? And so here’s my first prototype. A hand-printed (with my same stenciling method) wool felt banner for your wall. Love this color. Hopefully I’ll get it up in the shop soon. UPDATE – It’s in the shop, check it out here

Our Favorite Gifting Trends – Etsy Finds

Thanks so much to Etsy for including me in their Etsy Finds email for their “Favorite Gifting Trends.” The orders are literally pouring in so I’ll do my best to get them out ASAP! I know everyone would ideally want them for Valentines even though my lead time is 4-6 weeks so I’m hustling to […]

Fleecy Fox Scarves to Keep You Warm

Thought I’d take a quick shot of my new fox prototype scarf. It’s a take on a faux fox stole. Super warm and comfy sweatshirt fleece cut and sewn into the shape of a fox with arms, legs and super long tail. Geo fox face is hand stenciled on the front. Made of super soft 100% […]

Sneak Preview – Fleece Circle Scarves

I forgot to mention, I was inspired by the constant downpour going on outside during Crafty Wonderland that I thought I’d make some warm weather goodies. Here’s a sneak preview of my circle scarves. Hopefully I’ll get them up in the shop soon. UPDATE – They’re in the shop, check them out here

Bringing out the Zoo!

  We brought the zoo out this Halloween! Check out our new animal hoodies for kids. What animal should we do next? I’m thinkin goat! So excited to be able to collaborate with my mom on these. She’s doing all your ears, tails, manes and more. So far we’ve got a lion, bunny, wolf, elephant, […]

BONjour Enamel Jewelry Now Live

New BONjour enamel pendants up in the shop with your choice of gold plated chain or cotton bakers twine. Also, check out the enamel pin version as well! Comes in red, navy or white enamel on a polished gold background. Each pendant is etched and hand filled with vitreous enamel color. It is then fired in […]