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LIMITED EDITION : Renewal Urban Outfitters Alyssa Zukas Artist Series Heart Deep V Dip Tie Dye Tunic Sweatshirt

Super cute remade renewal deep v neck sweatshirt has all the comfy funky flair you’ll ever need with a huge heart on the front! The fleece feels like it’s never been worn! This white and grey dip dyed deep v tunic sweatshirt features a tunic silhouette with banded sleeves, neckline and hem. It also features […]

Another Day, Another Ripped Off Design…

“There have been loads of copycats since this series of admittedly simplistic t-shirt designs, created by Alyssa Zukas, first appeared at Urban Outfitters in 2007. Most of the biters were clever enough to change things a bit, but not this time. They even had the nerve to use the original Urban Outfitters product photography, AND […]

New Pillows are Up Online!

The new pillows made it up on the website and they look totally amazing! I wanted to make some pillows with some 70s flair and handiwork  and Urban Outfitters did a great job working with that vibe.  AND you don’t have to worry about that “grandma’s couch” straight out of the 70s smell! What more […]

Shirts on TV… again!

My sister gave me a heads up that another of my shirts was sighted, this time on “The Hills”… We got a screenshot of it so check it out! Pretty awesome… I sure am getting a lot of free press from MTV! I think it’s on Episode 412: “I Want You To Be With Me”

They Like Me, They Really Like Me!

So I just came across this awesome post on Urban’s Blog! Someone tipped me off that they’d seen some of my jewelry on Urban’s site and I was like “whaa”! Pretty sweet that they not only think my tees are cool but that the copious amount of silly projects I’ve managed to amass over the […]

Urban Outfitters Artist Series Tees

My Artist Series t-shirt designs are now available at Urban Outfitters in stores and online. There are a few shirts that are only available in stores that aren’t posted online so make sure your check out the nearest Urban to see the others. And if you really like my stuff leave a review on the […]

Urban Outfitters: Urban Renewal Sweater Project

Just finished up customizing a big heapload of sweaters for the Urban Renewal Sweater Project along with a bunch of other great and talented artists. For my modifications, I decided to take off all the buttons on the front and add crazy colored zippers, add a faux sewn pocket on the front, hand stencil one […]