Vintage Spotlight – 12″ Glass Orb Terrarium with Teak Tripod Base

Lately I’ve really been obsessed with terrariums and wanted to try my hand at creating my own, but I was worried my “brown thumb” would get in the way. I decided to push on anyway and found an awesome mid century teak tripod base (originally went with a giant salad bowl) and went on the hunt for glass orb to fit. ShopGrounded was the only one that seems to have big glass orbs so I grabbed their 12″ one and it worked perfectly! For the cacti and succulents I tried some IKEA ones but I think I over watered most of them and only one survived. So I used SucculentsGalore on Etsy for some small guys and soil mixture and headed to Home Depot for the rest.

I then topped off everything with a layer of small river rocks and made some tiny mushrooms and a little house out of clay. I liked the look of an angular white object juxtaposed with all the organic growth so I bought a Gigaminx puzzle cube for the empty corner. Then my Amanda Visell Tic Toc Apocalypse Griffin and Gnome decided to move in…  VOILA! It keeps really well inside by the window and I water it every once in a while with an eyedropper. Is my “brown thumb” sprouting some green leaves?

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