Holiday Decor Inspiration

tomtebod xmas

It’s that time of season again! I was discussing with my husband how you can’t help but like holiday decorations. I’m not necessarily talking about your neighbor’s tacky lawn necessarily but the season encourages decorating on a commercial level, like garland on street lights and lights around palms (hey, I am in LA). Maybe the distinction is more evident now because we just moved to a more rundown neighborhood but the decorations outside made everything look better or at least cheerier to me.

I got a bit inspired this year because of our new bright loft space and taped some old crocheted doilies to one of our windows as snowflakes. I think it came out nice but luckily you don’t have to do much to this space to make it look good! Check out my favorite little holiday gnome “Åsas Tomtebod” sitting on my husband’s piano, isn’t he awesome?

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