Vintage Spotlight – Sascha Brastoff Alaska Ceramics

A few original Brastoff ceramics from his Alaska series. The painting is so ahead of its time, it totally fits in with Fleet Street Scandal, Shag, Adam Cruz from House Industries and Sanjay Patel from Pixar. Even looks a little pinstripey and spray-paintey with the beautiful gradients. If the cool painting wasn’t enough, most of his items also have gold gilding throughout.

Brastoff seemed to be quite a prolific and interesting character and fellow Los Angelino! He was an aspiring film star and quite the socialite in the 50s. He is still relatively undiscovered as of late so you can get items pretty cheaply. I definitely see sky high prices in the near future as more people discover him!

Tiki Mug

Tiki Planter

Igloo Bud Vase


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One Response to “Vintage Spotlight – Sascha Brastoff Alaska Ceramics”

  1. Judith Relman March 8, 2012 at 9:21 pm #

    Sascha Brastoff was definetly one of those rare talented people to adorn this earth. I am just discovering his work and everytime I see a new piece of his art I am pleasently suprised. I do have some regrets I just placed a signed trinket box from the Persian line on Ebay for sale. I think I should have held on to this piece. I have a feeling that someday Sascha Brastoff will be just as well known as Picasso, Calder and Miro.

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