Find My Tees on TV and I’ll give you $5!


I’ve been hearing a lot lately that my tees have been seen on all kinds of shows but since I’m not much of a hardcore TV watcher I’ve never been able to find out  which, where and when… and that’s where you come in!

Here’s a list of the shows/episodes I’ve been able to track down:
The Hills, Episode 412: “I Want You To Be With Me”
Project Runway, Episode: “College-Age Women” Challenge
America’s Best Dance Crew, Season 2, Week 1: worn by “Fanny Pak”dancer

SO… If you’ve seen any of my tees (you can find them all on “The Goods” section of my site) on TV, or in print somewhere (like a magazine, etc.) send me a message with the show, title, episode, article etc. AND have a screenshot or picture of the shirt on the show or in print and I’LL GIVE YOU $5 towards your next order for any of my tees in my Etsy shop!**

(**Submissions will be judged on a first come first served basis. Duplicate submissions will not recieve $5 credit. I reserve the right to reject submissions for any reason. Rejected submissions will not be used and $5 coupon will not apply. Offer void where prohibited.)

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