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Just found out Mollie Makes put up my stencil cutting and printing tutorial on their website! Check out the post below to make your own DIY stenciled t-shirt or grab the new featured “Mix It Up”  tee in the shop!

Print your own typography tee

How to print your own slogan tee with free template

Print your favourite saying on a plain tee with a little help from Alyssa Zukas of Two String Jane.

Nothing beats stumbling upon a DIY that doesn’t require buying materials: this t shirt printing tutorial is one of them. What’s more, the only lengthy part to this project is cutting out the design, after that it’s a simple case of dabbing your way to the finish line. This printing technique can be used on cotton fabrics, too – great for personalising sewing projects. Put on some tunes while you craft, here’s a playlist.

Print your own slogan tee - step 6

How to print your own slogan tee - tshort printing materials

You will need:

  • Free template
  • T-shirt or vest
  • A blade
  • A cutting surface
  • Tape
  • Transparency film or freezer paper
  • Two small sponges
  • Two fabric paint shades
  • Tin foil

Tip: Try practicing on spare fabric first to get the hang of using a stencil.

Print your own slogan tee - Step 1

Step 1
Tape the template design to a piece of film or freezer paper, and place on your cutting surface.

Print your own slogan tee - step 2

Step 2
Carefully cut the film, tracing the design as closely as possible.

Step 3
Once your stencil is complete, place on your t-shirt and secure with tape. Place a sheet of foil inside to protect the reverse.

Print your own slogan tee - step 3

Step 4
Coat your sponge with a small amount of paint.

Print your own slogan tee - step 5

Step 5
Sponge paint the first colour onto the shirt inside the stencil, using even pressure. Start around the edges and work towards the centre. Gently use a downward stamping motion to apply the paint. Do not wipe.

Step 6
Paint the second colour using a fresh sponge, working towards the middle. Gently blend the colours together in the middle to create a smooth gradient.

Print your own slogan tee - step 6

Step 7
Allow to air dry or use a hair dryer before peeling the stencil.

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