Another Day, Another Ripped Off Design…

You Thought We Wouldn't Notice

You Thought We Wouldn't Notice

“There have been loads of copycats since this series of admittedly simplistic t-shirt designs, created by Alyssa Zukas, first appeared at Urban Outfitters in 2007. Most of the biters were clever enough to change things a bit, but not this time. They even had the nerve to use the original Urban Outfitters product photography, AND Alyssa’s name, all over their site. The original tees have “Alyssa Zukas” and a bio screenprinted into the inner neck tag area, along with Urban’s made-up store brand “Spark in the Dark.”

Yes, that’s right… my shirts have been jacked once again! Check out the “you thought we wouldn’t notice” post to see the whole article including comparison shots and get the word out there about crappy counterfeiting!

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