Madewell x Valentines Day – Letterpress fun in PDX

Madewell Valentines

Had some fun with Gann Bros. Printing this Valentines this weekend! They were asked by Madewell to do a live letterpress demonstration printing Valenitnes cards at their shop in the Pearl District. I was lucky enough to design and cut some linoleum blocks to print in a 5×8 tabletop Kelsey press. What a fun experience! If you get a chance to stop by the Gann’s shop in the Pearl do it! They are the nicest guys and they’ll give you a tour of their historic building (right across from REI) and presses. I think they’re the best unknown letterpress printers in Portland right now and take their craft very seriously. They were the first people we met when we first came to Portland and they already feel like family. Josh saw an old Linotype (I think it was actually a Intertype) on their dock and knew they were serious guys.

Madewell Valentines Madewell Valentines

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